Technical assistance for implementation of features for the flood Exposure and Decision Support Platform (FEDS) for Ho Chi Minh City

Implementation time: 20/3/2024 – 30/11/2024

Client: The World Bank Group


In October 2020, HCMC leadership requested the World Bank support in developing an online Flood Exposure and Decision Support platform (FEDS) to assist the authorities, both at the city and district levels, in the reporting and management of floods. The objective of the FEDS is to support HCMC in introducing digital workflows and modernizing its flood management practices that leverage digital technology and readily available yet underused data. In response, the WB, in consultation with the Department of Construction (DOC) and the HCMC Infrastructure Management Center (HIMC), contracted the Green Field Consulting Co. Ltd. (GFD) to develop the FEDS. From January to April 2021, GFD completed the development of the Flood Exposure Decision Support (FEDS) system with four main applications: (i) a web interface for officials, (ii) a web interface for the public, (iii) a smartphone application for officials, and (iv) a smartphone application for the public. The FEDS has been tested with users in HCMC and smartphone applications are now available both for Android and iOS operational systems.

In collaboration with HCMC authorities, between May and June 2021, GFD and the WB conducted three rounds of online training workshops for flood management officials of the HCMC, Thu Duc City, and all of the remaining 21 districts. In total, about 200 city officials have been trained to use both the web and smartphone applications. A complete set of FEDS user manuals, a handbook, and an instructional video have been provided for the city-wide pilot and operation of the platform. After the training, three social media Zalo groups of trainers and trainees were created for regular coaching, coordination, and support to ensure a smooth pilot of the FEDS and daily operation at a later stage.

During the first pilot phase, DOC confirmed that the FEDS was ready for deployment and thus issued Decision No.7286/SXD-HTKT on piloting the FEDS across the whole city during the rainy season starting from July 2021.

From July 2021 until June 2022, the World Bank provided continuous technical support for the operation and maintenance of the FEDS for Ho Chi Minh City through supporting users, adjusting FEDS tools and functionalities, and providing technical expertise and advice to formal texts of deployment of FEDS throughout the city.

In May 2023, the World Bank task team with HCMC’s HIMC agreed that there remain functionalities to be implemented for full usage. In preparation for official use, HCMC has published documents guiding related entities and agencies on usage. In this respect, the DOC and DIC requested the World Bank’s continued support to HCMC local authorities in deploying the FEDS across the city over the medium term. 

The main objectives of the consultancy is– to support HCMC authorities (HIMC/DOC, DIC, Thu Duc city, and 21 districts): (i) to upgrade the functionalities of the FEDS with critical functionalities required by HCMC DOC to operate with all agencies and (ii) implement features to ensure sustainability of the FEDS.