Base line data survey and market research

Green field provide base line data survey and market research for social economic sectors, agriculture-forestry and rural development, infrastructure and utility and market research. In recent years, Green Field has implemented numerous base-line survey projects in timber market, energy sector, social economic and policy impacts.

Green Field have invested in an extensive database that cover the whole Vietnam at commune levels with indicators in social economic development, geography, natural resources. This database help us to design the survey strategy that are robust, accurate and that reflect the context of social and natural condition.

Green Field provide IT solution to facilitate large scale survey with tools such as: mobile-based data collection software, data synchronization and quality control, database backend storage and analysis. We leverage top notch analytical platform such as Microsoft Azure Machine learning, IBM Watson analytic to conduct complex statistical analysis and data visualization that meet client requirement.

Data survey and analysis service:

  • Base line social, economic survey based on client requirement.
  • Primary data collection at household level using PRA method, systematic questionnaire, or in-depth interview.
  • Market research in sectors such as: timber and furniture, agriculture and forestry, energy and utility.
  • Provide IT solution for large scale survey: mobile application for field data collection, data synchronization and quality control, data storage and analytic.

Example projects:

  • Survey of the legal timber supply in Vietnam.
  • Survey of the fire wood demand and supply in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An province
  • Survey of Cassava production in Vietnam
  • Survey of service provider and SME in commune near Nghi Son industry zone.

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