GIS service & solution

Green Field provide GIS solution for planning, natural resource management, infrastructure and urban management. We work with government, private sector, and non-government clients on the geographic information systems technology for agriculture, forestry, water resources, asset management and environmental monitoring.

Green Field is experienced in the use of open source software to provide low cost solutions that are open, easy to extend and easy to integrate. We are highly interested and have invested heavily in the use of statistical analysis, machine learning and cloud computing to create new GIS solution for issues that required dynamic classification and prediction.

GIS technology:

  • Mobile data collection: we build customized mobile data collection software to improve efficiency and accuracy of field data collection. Our mobile solution has been implemented for projects in infrastructure mapping, social economic survey, biodiversity monitoring, forest monitoring. More information about Green Field mobile mapping solution here.
  • Web GIS: Green Field build Web GIS application using open source software, open data standard and cloud computing infrastructure. That give us advantages to provide low cost, easy to extend and easy to integrate with other platform. We also work with commercial GIS solution such as ArcGIS and build hybrid application with both open source and commercial components to meet the client needs..
  • Map design, cartography and atlas: the highly experienced design team from Green Field build high quality map that required for high profile publication, atlas, conference. Our graphical map design has been used for international publication, book, posters.

GIS data analysis and management:

  • Provide GIS data conversion solution and service (data convert, migration and transformation) for large system. Conversion from file-base system or database system to new Geodatabase system, including both proprietary database format (ArcGIS SDE, Microsoft SQL, Oracle) and open-source format (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL). We use Spatial ETL tool that allows quick and secure conversion from source and production database to the target database. Our data conversion solution could be customized to be used as independent desktop application or as a service through on-premise, off-premise database and cloud service.
  • Development of site mapping, suitability analysis.
  • Environmental assessment: GIS map for environmental assessment, EIA, risk assessment, data integration.
  • Watershed analysis: payment for environmental services, drainage basins, landform assessment, and assessment of sensitive areas.
  • Wildlife and biodiversity assessment: wildlife habitat mapping, habitat fragmentation, and data analysis
  • Regional planning and strategic environmental studies: agriculture, forestry, environment planning
  • Development of Webmap application and portal for integrated management of natural resources. See example of our Vietnam Natural Index web application here.

Example of GIS project:

  • Development of JICA Forest Monitoring Mobile Application and Its Transfer of License to Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project.
  • Deployment of mobile-based forest monitoring in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An.
  • Malaria map atlas for International Migration Organization (IMO).
  • Development of biodiversity information management for LEAF project in Lam Dong.
  • GIS Mapping of Micro, Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises (MSME) in Thanh Hoa Province.
  • Establish of ecosystem service map for Ke Go Nature Reserve, Ha Tinh province.

Một số dự án GIS tiêu biểu: