Develop mobile app for forest patrolling, managing, verifying and monitoring in Binh Thuan province

Implementation time: 2024

Client: Binh Thuan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development


FMS application on mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as FMS mobile) supports measuring and delineating the current status of forests and forest land in the field, and synchronizes data to warn of changes in forest status from the Binh Thuan FMS system as well as support verification of warning information directly on mobile devices. Verifying forest change information in the field will save time for implementing staff; Surveying and mapping tools (GIS) on the FMS mobile will contribute to improving the capacity of the Forest Ranger force in managing and monitoring forest resources and providing input data to update annual forest changes in Binh Thuan province.

The FMS mobile can collect data in the field such as creating points, creating routes, creating areas and images associated with coordinates, and synchronizing to the server of the Binh Thuan FMS system. This data is attached to each officer and supports the management and supervision of field activities such as forest patrolling, collecting information on biodiversity, and digitizing planted forest areas according to projects and results of implementing the 1 billion green trees program. The information will contribute to supporting the management and direction of all levels.

The latest satellite image data is provided every 15 days on the phone platform, integrating all map data on the Binh Thuan FMS System, and capable of reading all types of digital maps to ensure consistency in field data with relevant sectors.

In addition, FMS mobile also provides the ability to look up forest status information, planning information for 3 types of forests, administrative boundaries, forest owners, watersheds, FSC timber forests, and PFES areas on the mobile device.