Industrial Maintenance and Repair

In medium sized factories with 50 – 200 workers, there are not often a professional team of mechanical and electrial engineers, equiped with specific testing equipments. However, the factory still need a professional and reliable maintenance and repair services to assure stable and continuous production, increase production time, reduce maintenance and repair costs, increase equipment life expectancy. Our industrial maintenance and repair team provide professional service. We will propose our plan with measurable economic efficiency.

Step 1: Equipment testing and calculation of production failure costs

Our team will collaborate with our client to conduct equipment testing and calculate the costs related to production failure including profit loss, unuseful fixed costs, and maintenance costs.

Step 2: Propose mechanical and electrical maintenance service

Based on the survey of actual capability of the equipment, we will propose our mechanical and electrical maintenance service with our commitment of production failure rate (frequency and time). Our client will be able to reduce costs relating to productin failure, increase profits, and improve their core competency.



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