GeoSurvey mobile application

GeoSurvey is a mobile application, developed to help users collect field data more quickly and accurately. GeoSurvey application runs on all mobile devices (phones, tablets running Google Android OS 4.0 and above). GeoSurvey helps save time and effort for fieldwork by making good use of features built into smartphones such as GPS, digital compass, camera, sensors etc. instead of buying Specialized devices also have similar features. GeoSurvey has its own library for calculating coordinate systems, supporting VN2000 projection for 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

GeoSurvey supports users to collect data types including:

  • Spatial data: points, lines and regions.
  • Property data: allows users to create custom data collection forms.
  • Field photo data.

GeoSurvey allows import of waypoint points from outside, supports direction and distance to waypoint (waypoint navigation), saves tracks in the field. In addition, GeoSurvey also supports users to export and share data online, offline and many other useful features.

GeoSurvey can also be customized and integrated with a back-end database to create a complete geographic data collection and management system, applicable to areas such as fleet management, sales and delivery. receive goods, survey / measure, track forest changes. Currently the GeoSurvey cored has been used to devolop mobile application for many projects:

  • Base line survey for Cafe-REDD project in Lam Dong.
  • Large-scale social survey for hydropower safe guard monitoring.
  • FRMS mobile for forest monitoring: deployed to 20 provinces with more than 2000 users.
  • Nghi Son Petrochemical Industrial Park: scale 30 tablets, integrated with database system on Web server.
  • JICA Dien Bien Project: scale of 200 tablets, integrated with server system to monitor forest changes.
  • Vietnam Forest and Delta Project in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An: scale of 40 tablets, integrated with forest monitoring and biodiversity monitoring server.
  • UN-REDD Ha Tinh Project: scale of 70 tablets, suitable for forest change monitoring server and FORMIS.




Software manuals

Multifunctional application

The application integrates many different functions for field surveys

Integrated background map

Integrating all types of maps such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Here Maps, OSM, Offline maps, WMS, etc.



Chia sẻ dữ liệu

Support users to export data quickly and share data directly on mobile



Support for projection systems

Fully integrating VN2000 and local projection systems 3 degrees for 63 provinces and cities under the decision of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment



Store data types

Support users to store types of spatial data (Point, Road, Area), attribute data and field survey images




All free

The application is provided completely free of charge to all users



Feature rich and User friendly

The application is designed to be compatible with many types of screens of phones and tablets. We recommend using devices with screens of 5 inches or more for the best experience


Projects using GeoSurvey

Information on a number of projects that have cooperated and used GeoSurvey has been implemented and put into use in reality.


Tablet application for surveying enterprises in the area, service providers for Nghi Son petrochemical area. Scale of 30 tablets for collecting data, allowing direct synchronization to the database. Building database system and Web application for managing and exploiting information.


Application of the survey tablet to monitor forest changes in Dien Bien province, Ha Tinh. Scale of 200 tablets for data collection, allowing direct synchronization to the database. Building database system, integrating with QGIS open source software to approve field data. Building a summary report system running on Web.


Investigation on standard plots and photo-locked samples for Yen Bai and Khanh Hoa provinces. Scale of 20 tablets for data collection, allowing direct synchronization to the database. Building database system and Web application to manage, exploit data on standard plots, calculate field targets


Monitoring forest changes and biodiversity in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An. Forest and Delta Project (Winrock International). Scale of 40 tablets for data collection, allowing direct synchronization to the database. Building database system and Web application to manage and exploit information.


Relevant documents

For better and better use of GeoSurvey application. Please refer to the relevant documentation, video manuals and copyright terms. Best regards !

  • Terms and copyright
  • Manual document
  • Video tutorial
  • FAQ related
  • Other documents





Update information

If you want to update the latest version and related information, please follow GeoSurvey through the following official channels. Best regards !


Download GeoSurvey now

You can go to the Google Play application available on your phone and search for the keyword GeoSurvey and download it. Or click the icon and open the link below