GFD overview

GFD is a technology and engineering company, specializing in 2 main sectors:

Industrial service

Industrial production in Vietnam is still at early stage. The production know-how is still far behind that of advanced industries. This is a very potential dimension for the industrial plants in Vietnam to improve their management, technology, skills to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.

In order to serve the industrial plants, we collaborate with our clients to conduct survey on machines, materials, production method, and people skills to propose a plan to improve efficiency. We  include experienced engineers in the field of thermal, mechanical and electricity, automation, chemical and waste treatment. Our service include:

– Operation and Maintenance of industrial boilers.

– Mechanical and Electrical maintenance.

– Water supply treatment, waste treatment.

We operates in following sector: food and bevarage, animal feed, paper mills, fertilizer and chemical.

GIS and Remote Sensing

Geosciences is a core strength at GFD to provide spatial analysis  to help interpreting of interrelationship between environment process, and its interaction with the social process. Our approach toward GIS and Remote sensing is aiming at the understanding and quantification of geo-process through advance data acquisition, analysis and modeling.

We offer our clients with a complete GIS and mapping circle: field survey, data analysis, Geodatabase development, design and production of  quality cartographic map.

We support most of current GIS technology

– MapInfo

– ESRI: ArcGIS and ArcEngine

– Open source GIS

Our GIS mapping service includes

– Field survey for soil mapping, forest mapping and land use mapping

– Development of map database and software

– Land evaluation and site matching

– Land use planning map

– Production of paper map, and map book

– Map catalog on CD

– Web-based map solution

Remote sensing

– Arial photo interpretation

– Remote sensing image classification

– Hyperspectral images analysis

– SAR and radar images for flood mapping and forest volume estimation

Satellite Images

GFD provide a wide range of satellite imagery in various format, resolution, and processing level. With our in-house archive covering most past of Vietnam, and close partnership with data provider, we are able to offer satellite images and aerial photograph with a very competitive price and customized imagery product. To order images please fill in the form bellow, we will contact you shortly to discuss image acquisition option and pricing.

– Aerial photo

– QuickBird

– Landsat ETM+







– IRS (India)

– ALOS (Japan)

how can we help you?

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