The forest monitoring system (FMS) developed by GFD is an integrated GIS platform that gives customers the ability to comprehensively update and manage forest change data at provincial, district and forest owners.

FMS is designed to meets the requirements of the forestry industry and the specific requirements of companies with the following specific functions:

FMS functions

The FMS system is based on data sources and forest monitoring mechanisms of the Vietnam forestry sector including the following main components:

  • The forest status database is updated annually according to the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) process.
  • Forest change monitoring data in the field using FRMS mobile software is funded by the JICA SNRM and GFD is a developer.
  • Data on suspected forest change points from satellite images.
  • Sentinel 2 satellite image data with 10m resolution is updated in real-time (free and included in the solution).
  • Planet satellite image data with 3m resolution is updated in real-time (charges apply).
  •  Real-time forest fire warning data (near real-time).
  • The reporting system complies with the latest regulations of VNFOREST; Customizable reporting system according to customer requirements.
  • The system is built in a service-oriented design and can be reused for other units in the province, for example, payment for forest environmental services, timber origin verification, forest certification.

The strengths of FMS in implementing forest management at the provincial level or large forest owners are as follows:

  • A unique system for all forest management levels: the Forest Protection Department levels and forest owners use the same system; and managed/exploited information in accordance with the authority, not limited to the number of departments/teams participating in the system.
  • The system is built with the open design, easy to customize to fit new requirements in the sector or new requirements in management and administration practice.
  • Provides the most advanced tools for information searching and analysis: full-text search, spatial analysis, offline data reading on the Web, integration, and sharing of information on the Web.
  • Easily support all 3 platforms Desktop, Web and Mobile.

FMS system has been applied in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue provinces, testing for the FMCR project in Quang Ninh province.