Boiler Operation and Maintenance to Reduce Fuel Costs

There are approximately 6000 industrial boilers in Vietnam with capacity ranged from 1 to 300 tph, mainly used in industrial plants. In the field of production and processing, smaller boilers are more flexible, easier to increase or decrease capacity, and responding to diversified demand of production. Boiler operation must comply with three criteria: Safety – Stability – High Efficiency. At GFD company, we have experienced and highly disciplined engineers in the field of boiler operation. We collaborate with our client to conduct baseline survey for each boiler. Based on that we propose to the clients our professional O & M service for boiler operation.

Step 1: Testing equipment and Measuring Efficiency

Our thermal engineers will conduct baseline survey of the boiler, including testing equipments, measuring efficiency, observing operation, and checking water quality. We will install measuring equipment to calculate all related costs to produce saturated steam of the boiler including fuel, labour, maintenance, electricity and labour.


Step 2: Propose professional boiler O & M service

Based on the survey, we will propose to our client our boiler operation and maintenance service to save 7-10% related cost for the client. We will be fully responsible for safety issues, equipment management, operation management, fuel quality control. The client can save costs, time and other human resources to focuse on their core production competency.

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