Social Survey under ADB TA 7262 VIE project

GFD’ social expert team has just finished a social survey under TOR of ADB-TA 7262- VIE project. The survey conducted in 7 selected communes where subproject located and lasted nearly 2 months from early January 2012 to mid February 2012.

The main objectives of the survey are to produce (a) a comprehensive social impact assessment (SIA) of subprojects. The need for a comprehensive SIA is highlighted in the Ethnicminority development plan (EMDP), M&E framework and in the outline social assessment report prepared by Executing agencies (EAs). (b) establish project baseline; (c) to identify and test M&E indicators; (d) provide inputs required to streamline and fill gaps in EMDPs being prepared by EAs.

The main methods used for the survey are a socio-economic survey of a sample of households, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews of key informants, special studies, and field observations using RRA, meetings and, the collection and review of secondary data.

The survey completed with a social impact assessment report addressing expected social impacts of the project.

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