Independent project evaluation under the Improved Land Governance and Database (VILG) Project for Vietnam

Implementation time: 2023

Client: VILG Project Management Board At Central Level


The VILG project is implemented in the Central Government and 30 provinces representing 3 regions of the country. The development goal of the project is “Improving the efficiency and transparency of land management services in the provinces participating in the project through the construction and implementation of a multi-purpose land information system (MPLIS)” with the following specific objectives: (1) Complete and operate the land database of 30 provinces and centrally run cities participating in the VILG project based on a centralized, systematic technical infrastructure system. to serve land management, provide public land services and share land information with relevant sectors; (2) Support the provision of public services in the land sector through modernizing Land Registration offices from improving processes and service standards to equipping the Offices with terminal equipment. Land Registration Office and through the national public service portal; (3) Raising awareness of ethnic minority communities through the implementation of ethnic minority development plans.

Objective of the task: Independently evaluate the level of completion of the Project Development Objectives (PDO) and implementation contents of the Project, focusing on accurate, comprehensive, and demonstrable assessment of impacts on the economic, social, and institutional effectiveness of the Project. The EIA’s results report and recommendations along with the information and data collected will be the input to build and complete the Government’s Project Closing Report and the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) of the Government. World Bank. The Land Evaluation Report provides a basis to propose maintaining and enhancing the Project’s results after the Project ends and continuing to build a national land database and national land information system (NLIS). The goal is to be completed by 2025 more effectively and sustainably.