Investigate and determine the composition of wild birds to provide solutions for the conservation and development of wild birds in the middle and alluvial banks of the Red River, the section flowing through Hanoi City under the Project “Conservation and development of wild animals and plants with rare genetic resources in Hanoi city”

Implementation Time: 2022 – 2023

Client: Hanoi FPD


Hanoi is located in the Northeast region, an important point on the East Asia – Australia migration route (The East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership – EAAFP) (Hung & Manh, 2017). Previous studies have determined the importance of Hanoi for migratory birds and initially confirmed that Hanoi is located on the East Asia-Australia migratory route connecting Siberia and Ussuriland, via Japan, east, south China and Taiwan to Indochina, mainland Thailand and continue to fly south to the Thai-Malaysian archipelago, Indonesia and wintering in Australia. In addition, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is in the process of studying, evaluating, and developing a plan for Vietnam to join the United Nations Convention of CMS – Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of natural habitats in the area is extremely necessary and urgent. Currently, the destruction of natural habitats for conversion to agricultural land is common in the region, which has narrowed the habitat and feeding of species during migration.
The bird fauna of the middle and alluvial areas in the Red River, the section flowing through Hanoi City, so far, there have been no programs or in-depth studies to evaluate and identify populations of precious birds, rare, endangered and threats to their existence and development in the reserve. Some previous studies in general only investigated preliminary statistics on species composition in the city center, but did not have enough conditions to study other areas such as Ba Vi, Son Tay, Phuc Tho, Dan Phuong, Thuong Tin, and Phu Xuyen. Therefore, the investment in the implementation of this proposed project is very necessary and urgent, as a basis for building plans to conserve and develop biodiversity of bird populations of Hanoi city. In which, priority is given to rare and endangered species and groups of species to achieve the highest efficiency.

Overall project goals:

– Assessment of habitat status and risks affecting migratory and wintering birds in the Red River middle and alluvial banks.
– Assessment of impacts of threats to rare and endangered bird populations in the Red River middle and alluvial banks.
– Develop a plan to monitor populations and habitats for migratory birds in the Red River middle and alluvial banks.
– Develop a plan for conservation, management and restoration of habitats for migratory birds and rare species in the Red River middle and alluvial banks.