Developing a database background for green growth monitoring and evaluation – Investigate, collect data and build a database background to monitor and evaluate the growth of the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector

Implementation Time: 2021

Client: Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS)


Over the years, Vietnam is making the transition from a resource-based economy to a green and low-emissions economy. In many countries and territories, green growth indicators and databases are gradually being formed to monitor and evaluate green growth for each country, region and world. In order to monitor the assessment of green growth in Vietnam, the national set of green growth criteria is being drafted and is in the process of being revised and completed.

Green growth in Agriculture and Rural Development involves many fields such as cultivation, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, irrigation, craft villages, processing, etc. Although there are databases that provide statistics, this data does not meet the need for data, analysis and assessment on green growth. Therefore, it is necessary to “Develop baseline data for green growth monitoring and evaluation in agriculture and rural development” with a dataset of 25 criteria for green growth assessment (see Appendix 1 for details).

Each criterion is evaluated through an indicator such as agricultural product ratio, food loss rate, etc. This indicator is evaluated annually or on a multi-year cycle based on data from statistical surveys and statistical reports published by relevant agencies.

GFD participates in building databases and online software that allows storing, updating, and exploiting green growth data. The software allows searching and retrieving green growth data by time series with data tables, charts and maps. The software allows administrators to easily update new data every year or add new criteria through the admin interface.