An Environment Monitoring System For Mangrove Aquaculture In Ca Mau – Australian Government’s Aus4Innovation Program

Hanoi, 17 September 2020 – Five new projects receiving funding through Innovation Partnership Grants, part of the Australian Government’s Aus4Innovation program, were announced by the Australian Embassy in Vietnam. These projects, which are co-led by teams from Australia and Vietnam, were the most outstanding among the 82 applications submitted.

As one of 5 innovative and practical ideas, the project “An environment monitoring system for mangrove aquaculture in Ca Mau” developed between GFD in cooperation with the University of Queensland – one of the standing universities in the top 50 in the world, has surpassed many potential initiatives to receive a grant from the program. Hopefully, the cooperation between the two units will bring about tangible and practical results, and make an important contribution to efforts for sustainable development, minimizing impacts on the ecological environment.