Energy audit at Viet Phap Paper Mill, Bac Ninh province

From 27 to 31 October 2011, GFD has conducted an energy audit at Viet Phap Paper Mill in Bac Ninh province to identify opportunities for energy saving.

After measuring and calculation, the recommended energy saving solutions for the coal fired boiler are:

-Insulation for whole boiler wall, boiler outlet channel, economizer and steam drum. Minimization of heat transfer to ambient and cool air entering into furnace;

– Insulation for condensate tank and pipeline;

– Improvement or replace of new damper of exhaust fan. Improvement, repairing of air damper to be easier for adjustment of burning mode;

– Installation of ash cyclone on chimney, to bring the incompleted burning fuel back to furnace to minimize mechanical loss;

– Installation of measuring meters, mornitoring of technical and economic criteria for boiler (feed water meter, coal balance, consumped power meter of air fan and exhaust fan, thermometer…);

– Testing to find out the best burning modes for boiler to be appropriate with actual production and to achieve the highest efficiency of boiler.

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