Development and pilot of Forest Violations Database Management System for Vietnam’s Forestry Sector (FVDMS)

Implementation Time: 2022 – 2023

Client: DAI


According to the Forest Protection Department (FPD) under VNFOREST, the national forest force detects and handles about 21,000 violations in forestry sector every year. The information such as number of violations and crimes, violators, impact level, evidence, is collected, summarized, stored and managed by the FPD Units through traditional methods (hardcopy, paper works). However, this method has limitations in management, access and sharing of forest violations data and information, including: (i) collection, storage and management of information and data of forest violations and crimes with traditional methods have not been implemented systematically, so it is very difficult to search, verify and analyze data of violations of the forest sector, especially recidivism; (ii) the information and data is not standardized and difficult to access, especially the detail information of the violation are only available locally; (iii) there are many violation cases where the subjects violate in many different localities, at different times, but the authorities cannot collect and search relevant information. These limitations lead to the assessment of the situation and monitoring of violations and crimes in the forestry sector which are not suitable with reality, facing difficulties for forest protection agencies at all levels.
The aim of this project is to advance the SFM and FPD project towards a more innovative and modern approach based on building new technologies, new user interface proposals, and a practical tool for both the FPD and its partners who will need to use data breaches to ensure a sustainable timber supply chain in Vietnam.
An overall objective of this assignment is to support FPD to develop and pilot the Forest Violations Database Management System (FVDMS) for the forestry sector in Vietnam.
The FVDMS is a management system for forest violations based on a centralized database. The system will be designed to support effectively collect, store, analyze, and manage the data as well as generating reports, making charts related to forest violations, crimes and others related. Therefore, this system is intended to contribute significantly to forest law enforcement in support of better protection and management of forest resources in Vietnam.