Developing a forest monitoring system for digital transformation in forestry in Vinh Phuc province

Implementation time: 2023 – 2027

Client: Vinh Phuc Forest Protection Department


The Forest Monitoring System (FMS) was built to provide early warning information about forest changes and forest fires; Support the management of information on forest developments and forest patrol and protection work, and complete the forest fire forecast lookup table on a province-wide scale. Based on those results, propose optimal solutions in managing and monitoring changes in forests and forestry land to serve sustainable forestry development planning as well as digital transformation in forestry to respond to climate change in Vinh Phuc.

The Vinh Phuc FMS is guaranteed to receive data: i) Free Sentinel 2 satellite images (from the European Space Agency); ii) Fire point data from satellite images taken from the Forest Protection Department; iii) Forest fire level is calculated from meteorological data provided by the Provincial Meteorological Station.

– Digitize and store all data about forest resources on the server to serve forestry management operations. The data expected to be uploaded to the database include Administrative boundaries, forest status map; planning map of 3 types of forests; system of components, sub-components, and plots; forest owner boundaries; certified forests; and forests receiving payments for forest environmental services.

– When there is warning information about deforestation, encroachment of forestry land for other purposes, forest fires, or afforestation, the FMS system will send an Email/SMS to registered users (managers).

– Users verify information in the field using mobile devices, GPS, or drones to fly and directly capture the latest actual images of the forest. Flycam image data after the flight is stored on the Server and allows re-checking when necessary.

– Actual fluctuation data from mobile devices and verified flycam data are used to update data on FRMS Desktop and synchronize with the VNForest server data.

– The software provides data on deforestation and forest fires to support information for the flycam system to accurately capture forest change areas, or remotely monitor and direct firefighting with data from the flycam transmitted to the center.

– Allows synchronization of data from the FRMS of the VNForest to the database of Vinh Phuc province to ensure compatibility between the province’s system and the forestry industry’s system.

– The FMS system synthesizes data on forest changes to synthesize and export thematic reports; Send information on management, monitoring of forests, forestry land, payment for forest environmental services, afforestation, forest protection patrols, and public administrative procedures at the request of the person accessing the data.

– The FMS system provides coordinates, location, area by plots, component, sub-component, commune, district, province by manager and allows access and lookup of information related to forest change, forestry land encroachment, land use change, forestry conversion, forestry planning.

–  The software ensures safety, and security, and prevents data loss and corruption. Data is backed up periodically. Each user is assigned access rights according to the hierarchical level or workgroup mode.

– Software with high integration capabilities: Connect and exchange information easily when there are valid requests from provincial departments and branches.

– Easy-to-use software: User-friendly interface, interfaces are written on unified interface modules so that users can easily remember operating procedures. Ensure accessibility and ease of exploitation.

– The software has a Mobile version: Mobile version with functions for measuring and plotting in the field (replacing GPS). In addition, Mobile software also has the function of displaying and querying information layers. The most important function is to verify forest change information in the field and monitor the information verification process. Forest change data will be periodically downloaded to mobile devices to support the convenient identification of standpoints and areas with forest change warnings. The ability to save routes during fieldwork ensures that field information verification should be taken seriously. Each verified deforestation point will also provide complete information about deforestation point coordinates, images, points, or forest change areas (polygon). Verification route data and verification points are stored on the FMS server and can be looked up at any time.