Developing a proposal and obtaining an approval for establishment of Cu Lao Cham (CLC) Nature Reserve, and Installing Biodiversity Exhibits for the Community Nature Education Center in Cu Lao Cham

Implementation Time: 2020



According to the Decision 1976/QĐ-TTg dated October 30, 2014 made by the Prime Minister, approving the Special Use Forest (SUF) system in Vietnam from 2020 and vision to 2030, 1,490 ha of Special Use Forests (SUF) were distributed over 7 islands inside the MPA. However, despite the SUF areas being considered as an important ecosystem, it was not allocated under specific management. The Management Board (MB) of CLC MPA MB is only authorized to manage the marine area. This management gap results in complications and inefficiencies of managing and using natural resources.

To overcome this gap and improve management of marine and terrestrial areas, the Provincial People Committee (PPC) of Quang Nam issued an Official Letter No. 1518/UBND-KTN dated March 25, 2019 to request the allocation of 1,490 ha of SUF to the MPA. The People Committee of Hoi An city and the MPA MB requested the PPC of Quang Nam and the Project’s support to develop a proposal for Cu Lao Cham Natural Reserve (CLCNR) establishment; which institutionalized the merging of marine and terrestrial area into one protected area. On November 21, 2019, Quang Nam PPC issued an official letter to agree on the policy of CLCNR establishment.

The purpose of this activity is to develop a dossier and obtain approval from authorities for the establishment of Cu Lao Cham as a Natural Reserve with a total extension of 9,755 ha, of which 1,490 ha are terrestrial and 8,265 ha marine, in line with Decision 1976/QĐ-TTg on the SUF system, Decision 45/QĐ-TTg on Vietnam Marine Biodiversity, and Decree 156/2018/NĐ-CP on detailed regulations to execute the new Forestry Law. Additionally, the goal is to develop biodiversity interpretation exhibits and models for the CLC community nature education center to raise awareness of local people and visitors.

  • Assessment of the current status of biodiversity, as a basis for determining the scope, boundaries of the NR, and functional subdivisions. The expert team coordinated with the technical staff of the CLC Marine Protected Area Management Board to review the status of forests and forestry land, determine the status of different types of forests in the area; identify and propose functional zoning of the NR.
  • Review and assess the current status of biodiversity, identify distribution maps of rare and precious forest fauna and flora; identify important forest and marine ecosystems in the area as a basis for determining the functional zoning map of the Nature Reserve.
  • Assess the socio-economic situation in the region, especially the current economic development in Tan Hiep commune (the core area of the marine protected area), and the surrounding areas (the buffer zone communes); develop a planning map of the buffer zone of the conservation area; propose solutions to develop sustainable livelihoods in the region.
  • Assess the current status of organizational structure and management apparatus of the MPA; assess the current status of institutions and management regulations in the region; propose organizational structure and management apparatus of the conservation area.

Outcomes of consulting activities

  • The dossier for establishing Cu Lao Cham Nature Reserve was developed and completed in accordance with the provisions of current legal documents (Law on Biodiversity in 2008 and Decree 65 in 2010). Some main information of the content of the establishment project.
  • Name: Cu Lao Cham Nature Reserve, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province; Classification: Landscape Protection Area. The total area of the Nature Reserve is 23,500 ha, including 1,642.8 ha of the island and 21,857.2 ha of the sea, including 07 islands in the sea of Cu Lao Cham (excluding Hon Ong). The Nature Reserve is located within the administrative boundaries of Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province.
  • Training for CLC NR staff and CCG members on management of the Community Nature Education Center.

Training at the Community Nature Education Center in Cu Lao Cham