Develop technical guidelines for the rescue, care and release of some endangered wildlife species under the project “Strengthening partnerships to protect globally-endangered species in Vietnam”

Implementation Time: 2021 – 2022

Client: Vietnam Environment Administration


Tender package “Development of technical guidelines for rescue, care and release of some endangered wildlife species” under component (ii) of the project on strengthening the capacity of national law enforcement forces and conservation management agencies.

The rescue and care of endangered wildlife species in Vietnam has been carried out by rescue centers in national parks, conservation areas, and rescue centers established by NGOs and state-owned and private zoos across the country. These rescue centers have been actively contributing to the conservation of endangered and rare species of Vietnam. However, this activity is still taking place separate, not systematically, and does not seem to meet the practical needs of rescue work. Because the facilities only focus on a few specific species groups, it is not enough to rescue all groups of endangered and rare species groups. In addition, due to inadequate technical guidance or legal regulations, this activity is also facing many shortcomings and has not yet fully promoted the effectiveness of species conservation in the wild.

The project seeks to develop technical guidelines for a number of identified representative groups and species (expected groups of turtles/reptiles, bears, pangolins, primates) to support the process of perfecting policies and developing legal regulations on the rescue, care and re-release of species as required in Clause 5, Article 14 of Decree No. 160/2013/ND-CP on criteria for species identification and species management regime on the List of endangered precious and rare species prioritized for protection (List of species prioritized for protection). In addition, translocation activities are not regulated in legal documents as well as technical guidelines while this is one of the important contents in species conservation activities and is also a requirement of practice in Vietnam.


Develop and publish Technical Guidelines on translocation, rescue, care and release of endangered, precious and rare wildlife prioritized for protection in Vietnam and propose contents included in the legal regulations related to transposition activities.


  • Develop a guidebook for rescue and care of wild animals for some rare and endangered species/groups of species (e.g. bears, turtles, primates, etc.) for law enforcement agencies;
  • Develop technical guidelines on translocation of endangered, precious and rare wildlife prioritized for conservation purposes in Vietnam;
  • Organize consultation workshops on applying technical guidance in wildlife translocation for a number of localities nationwide.