Develop and finalize the data visualization tools for disaster damage and need assessment, analysis and tracking

Implementation Time: 01/12/2018 – 30/04/2019
Client: UNDP

Viet Nam is one of the most disaster-prone countries globally, with frequent natural disasters costing multiple lives and causing damages and economic losses. In the disaster management field, central and local government, UN agencies, NGOs need decision support tools to plan and monitor disaster preparedness and recovery activities.
Recent experience in Viet Nam has shown that use of data in disaster management is limited due to dispersed data sources, lack of availability of more human-based indicators, and inconsistencies in methods of impact estimation. The project Data Layering for Disaster Preparedness has identified and consolidated a baseline database for 07 sectors (health, food, shelter, water sanitation, education, protection, and early recovery) and has developed predictive assessment tools to provide actionable data on impacts and damages following a natural disaster.
Further effort including this consultancy is aiming to improve the visualization of available data, and identifying additional tools that can communicate disaster impacts, relief trends and related actions. Specifically, the visualization tools should focus on presenting data to show damage, humanitarian relief/assistance, and recovery needs in figures and numbers.
The main objectives of the consultancy are:
1. Improve the current predictive assessment tools to effectively utilize additional variables such as wind speed, typhoon strength or other data relevant to disaster management
2. Improve the tool to better track damage and assistance received;
3. Identify additional dataset and tools for better analysis and action planning after disasters.